Catering in Columbia, SC

Top Shelf Catering will bring our Lowcountry cuisine, impeccable service and genuine southern hospitality to Columbia, SC and other areas, no problem. With access to catering kitchens across South Carolina and a state-of-the-art catering delivery vehicle, we assure that your food will be fresh and your guests will feel like they’ve been treated to a true Charleston experience.

Weddings, corporate events, social gatherings or any occasion where you want your guests to feel special, Top Shelf Catering can be there for you. From formal receptions to family gatherings, we have the team and the cuisine to bring your vision to life and make your event Top Shelf.


Client Testimonials

“We could not be happier. The service was beyond what we imagined, beyond what we paid for. We had a small wedding, on a tight budget. The service was extraordinary. They handled our group and our event as if they truly cared about us; which was touching and perfect considering we had such an intimate wedding and reception. We are perfectionists and somewhat anal when it comes to planning an event and the services provided. We couldn’t have asked for more. We had very specific requests and many changing requirements. Every request was honored, every need was met, and every change was seamless. The professionalism was unparalleled. Julie and the team relieved all stress…any thing that could stress a bride or groom during a reception was handled by the Top Shelf crew promptly and calmly, thus taking the burden off of us. This sort of service is priceless and we can’t thank you enough.”

Luke S., August 2015

I feel the value was unbelievable. Not only was the food well worth every penny, but the service was exceptional. Based on the meetings and tastings, I knew we would be pleased with the outcome of our reception dinner. We were blown away with the tiny details that were seen through, the professionalism, the staff’s ability to adapt to things like schedule delays, lighting requests, etc. The fact that Top Shelf was willing and able to set up the venue using family china, a mix of personal decorative items and Top Shelf supplied items was impressive and greatly appreciated. The time and effort the staff spent setting up (and cleaning/packing up) was well worth every penny spent. With all the services combined, I think you could have easily charged 2-3 times as much and it would have still been a great value.

Tiffany S., August 2015


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